"I was tired of double faulting"
What If There Was a Proven, Reliable System To Hit Powerful Serves With Pinpoint Accuracy ... and Shock Your Opponents... Making Your Serve The Talk Of Your Club!
Well... There Is!
You Are Just Moments Away From Gaining Access To EVERYTHING You Need When You Join The Tennis Serve Masterclass

Hi, I'm Jeff Salzenstein.
In 200X, I made a discovery that transformed my pro tennis career...

I discovered “The Invisible Game” the pros are playing that... builds YOUR serve into a powerful weapon... by simplifying your service motion... and effortlessly adds up To 15 MPH to your  

After discovering the techniques I’m about to 
share with you, I broke the Top 100 in the world (for the first time in my career) at age 30...
After being stuck at #150-200 in the world
rankings for years!

But the truth is...
You Will Get...
  •  Technique Lessons: 102 videos breaking down the 11 key components of the serve (in under 3 minutes) .
  •  The Invisible Game: The micro-adjustments that separate the average player from the pros.
  •  The Salzy Serve Method: 13 videos to transform your serve without changing your technique.
  •  The Big Ideas: Your 11-part video ‘roadmap’ to mastering your serve.
  •  42 Powerful Drills to reprogram your serve (even if you’ve been playing for years and even if you think it’s impossible to change your service motion).
  •  How-To Serve Progressions: 85 videos reviewing serve fundamentals that might be silently sabotaging your serve.
  •  Downloadable Videos: smartphone compatible so you can take me to the court with you while you practice.
 I Was Never Supposed to Play Pro Tennis...
During my freshman year in college at Stanford University, my serve was awful…

I remember going out onto Court 12 with my coach Dick Gould and we would work for hours…

  •  I tried to work on pronation…
  •  I tried to toss higher…
And it was so confusing and frustrating and completely demoralising that I had this crappy serve and I just couldn't seem to fix it!

That summer, I couldn't even qualify for the main draw of the minor-league pro tournaments…

Here’s the thing:

If you can’t get to the main draw of the lowest level pro tournaments at age 19, you have no chance of being a successful pro tennis player.


Can you imagine how awful that felt?

  •  I was sick of having an inconsistent, unreliable serve…
  •  I was sick of the anxiety of not knowing whether I was going to keep double faulting…
  •  And I knew my serve was the one thing holding me back from getting to the next level...
Something had to change...
I was at a crossroads in my career:
My serve had to get better or I would never make it as a pro…

I was convinced that the secret to unlocking my serve potential lay in understanding how the best of the best pro players serve.
So, during the summer after my freshman year in college, I started studying and practising relentlessly.
I spent hours and hours watching Ivanisevic serve in slow motion.

I watched the way his body moved and I got out on the court and I modeled him.

Over and over, for hours and hours, I practised.

And it paid off…

Can you imagine, after all that frustration…

  •  You finally have a consistent, reliable serve and you're confident you’ll perform even in the heat of battle..
  •  Your anxiety is gone because you know what to do when you start double faulting...
  •  And you finally break through to the next level, because your serve really was the one thing holding you back…
What a relief!

Modeling a pro transformed my serve. And today…
My students are experiencing dramatic results by…
  • Reaching new heights in the NTRP rankings, easily climbing half a point or more.
  • Crushing it against opponents who used to have them working so hard for every point.
  • Boldly stepping up to the baseline… confident that their serve isn't going to suddenly go AWOL!
You see, I tried all the conventional tennis “wisdom”...
  •  I tried to get more pronation…
  •  I tried to toss the ball higher…
  •  I tried simply practicing more…
But the truth is:
Those techniques don’t always work.
The problem is…
The majority of coaches online and in person only treat the symptoms of a bad serve and not the root causes.

They either don't understand the root issues, or, they simply don't know how to address them.

Either way, what thousands of players end up with is a frustrating “bandaid” approach to fixing their serve… an approach that rarely works.

3 Big Frustrations Caused By ‘Band Aid’ Fixes
How did I discover the root causes of an unreliable serve?

When I first broke onto the pro tour, I had meteoric success.

I was the up-and-coming star… The young gun to look out for.

But then…

I got injured.

In the late 90s I had surgery on my ankle and my knee, missing two years from the tour.

So… at 26 years old… I began a long climb back.

This time, it didn't come so easy.

After four years I was still struggling to break past #150 in the world!

My 30th birthday was just around the corner and the clock was ticking…

I knew I needed to try something drastically different if I wanted to crack the Top 100...

So, I sought out serving guru, John Yandell.
John revealed to me...
“The Invisible Game”
Yandell is a world renowned coach and he was doing cutting edge research (studying slow motion, 250-frames-per-second video footage of the best servers in the world)


Because Yandell believed that tennis is an “Invisible Game”...

A game where the naked eye cannot detect the nuances of what’s really happening.
John was determined to study “The Invisible Game” and break it down…  

Turning one of the most technically difficult sports into a science…

Allowing recreational players to finally model those same invisible techniques. So…

I became his testing ground.

We spent hundreds of hours studying videos, frame by frame, comparing myself to the best servers in the world.

What made me hit the ball into the net, while Pete Sampras would hit a winner?

What was Sampras doing differently?

The result...
We literally made history!
For first time ever...

an American player (that’s me) over the age of 30 had cracked the Top 100 (for the first time in their career)

These days, players like Roger Federer are totally crushing it at 35 years old… but when I was on the tour, I was considered “a senior citizen”...

Yet, I just kept getting better!

At 32 years old, I recorded my fastest ever serve, cracking an explosive 136 MPH.

The kid from Colorado with a “crappy” serve... had become one of the most technically skilled servers in the entire world!
Hear Stanford Coach  And Former Top ATP Pro Paul Goldstein Praise Jeff's Serve 
So what changed?
What did I learn from Yandell that no other coach had ever come close to teaching me?

What did I learn through countless hours of studying and modeling the pro serve?

  •  I learnt the foundations of a pro serve...
  •  I learnt to relax and move my body with ease… giving me effortless power in my serve
  •  And I learnt the root causes of my serving problems… and how to fix them!

I learnt to play the “Invisible Game”


Studying and teaching “The Invisible Game” became my life's work.

I started coaching passionate players just like you, teaching them how to see and feel what goes into a real pro serve… the things that 99% of other players and coaches completely miss.
Here’s What Committed, Passionate Tennis Players
Say About The Tennis Serve Masterclass…


"The tennis serve online video course Jeff has put together is superb. Jeff always has these insights that seem on the surface like “minor” technical adjustments but end up being major breakthroughs.” 


" I have to say the program has totally transformed my serve. It has gone from being a real liability to a weapon....I had my doubts about learning over the internet, but with your videos and detailed advice, it is really quite easy..."


"I am so happy to have found your course online. I cannot stop learning; have seen visible improvements and have already experienced a number of wow-wow moments. I am not too far away from challenging much higher ranked players in my ladder:-)!”


“I purchased Tennis Serve Secrets when you first offered the program. The program is premier class, and I say the best on the market in breaking down the elements of the serve and the technique in simple understanding and enabling execution.
More Feedback On Jeff's Powerful Serve Training 
Fay Kelley
A lot of people can play, few can teach - Jeff is the real deal!
As someone who started late in life and played for 5 years with a couple years off due to injuries from various sports caused by poor teaching methodology, I feel confident that I’m going to improve each month and will get the pro service motion I seek — thanks to you Jeff!"

Jeff McCalmon
“Gave me an extra 10 mph”
“At my age, trying to unlearn old muscle memory and learn the motion performed by most of the Tour Pros is more of a journey than a short term process, but it is a blast!

Jeff breaks everything down to the minute detail that you need – and don’t get from other teaching pros. Jeff also gives you the drills to help form new motion habits.
Taylor Lawton
“Took my serve to the next level”
Web Designer
"Jeff’s unique perspective on tennis training allowed him to transform my serve in less than 15 minutes."

“His attention to detail combined with his creative visualization techniques took my serve to the next level. Something that had frustrated me for months was fixed in a matter of minutes. Thanks Jeff!”
Before & After Case Studies
These “Invisible Game” techniques aren’t just for pro players! Passionate 
players just like you are seeing massive results in their game…
NOTE: The Tennis Serve Masterclass is a downloadable online course. No physical products will be shipped.
And finally see “The Invisible Game” 
the pros are Using when they serve. 
The truth is:
  •  We all have challenges with our serve.
  •  We hit too wide, or not wide enough. 
  •  We hit too many balls into the net.
  •  We hit with too much spin… or not enough.
  •  We keep making the same mistakes...feeling like we're banging our heads against the wall to hold serve and stay in the match.
  •  We chalk it up to genetics or our own unique way of hitting... and say “that's just the way I am”
Until now.
  • If you've ever felt like your toss has gone AWOL during a match…
  • If you've ever felt like you just need to get more pronation (but can't figure out how)...
  • And if you've ever felt like the rest of your game has improved more than your serve…
Then it's time to make a change...

YOU can change the way you serve!

I have learned and systematically tested it on myself and my students. And I want to show you how.

Of course, you've probably watched a few YouTube videos on how to serve like a pro.

Maybe you've read a few serve articles on the internet…

Maybe you've even bought programs and attended tennis camps that were supposed to fix your serve frustrations.

And yet - here you are - still feeling anxious when you serve and still giving away far too many points.

You're obviously still in search of a solution...

And I'm so confident that this is your solution, I'm going to let you try it out (and start getting results) for the next 60 days, with zero risk or obligation on your part.

But I'm getting ahead of myself… let me walk you through what the course is.

The Tennis Serve Masterclass goes much deeper than conventional serve programs and the general “lip service” advice usually given to struggling servers.

This masterclass gives you all the building blocks of a great serve… whether it's how to hold your racquet, where to place your feet, or how to get natural turn in your shoulders.

This masterclass breaks down all 11 critical components of the serve and develops your technique with my unique target training and proprietary drills.

I will give you a WARNING though. This course is not for everyone.

The Tennis Serve Masterclass is NOT for you if…
  • You're unwilling to try new techniques that challenge conventional “wisdom”
  • You're looking to consume material but not implement it. Please go away
  • You can't commit at least 20 minutes per week to improving your serve
The Tennis Serve Masterclass IS for you if…
  • You're open to new ideas and techniques that will challenge the way you think about the serve 
  • You're willing to try and willing to fail a few times before you find a serving rhythm that works for you
  • You want to stop following “cookie cutter” serve advice that never seems to fix your errors
  • You feel like your serve is as good as you can get it on your own and you're ready for an extra push to take your serve to the next level
  • You're willing to invest at least 20 minutes each week on improving your serve
  • You've tried a bunch of different approaches for improving your serve and getting the speed you desire… and haven't found one that works for YOU yet!
The Salzy Serve Method
(Value $197)
  • Get quick results with “The Salzy Serve Method”...
  • 13 essential drills and concepts to transform your serve without changing your technique.
  • Discover a new "targeting" focus where you "hit through the road" to build consistency and confidence 
  • Master "trigger" words that will literally transform your serve in 5 minutes 
“Big Ideas”
(Value $197)
  • These 11 video trainings are your roadmap to success.
  •  Mastering your serve might feel overwhelming…without these videos!
  •  Start here and you’ll know exactly what you need to be focusing on to transform your serve
  • Elbow the Enemy, Delay The Hand, Finding Rhythm, and much much more to build your serve foundation 
Technique Lessons
(VALUE $197)
  •  ‘Pour the Concrete’ and set the foundations of a pro serve by breaking down all the nuances of the 11 critical components of the serve (in three minutes or less)
  • 102 videos breaking down the 11 key components of the serve: The Grip, Start, Stance, 1st Move, Toss, Off Hand, Trophy Position, Legs, Racquet Drop, Contact and Finish
  • You’ll observe the micro-adjustments that separate the average player from the pros… and how you can use those adjustments to your advantage
  • We trim the fat from your service motion so you know exactly what you need to focus on (hint… it might be your belly button!).
  •  And I talk about things that no other coaches are talking about…
Slow Motion Breakdowns
(Value $197)
  • 15 videos where we slow it d-o-w-n 
  • Watching me serve in super-slow 120 frames per second video.
  • 4 different angles.
  • Finally, see “The Invisible Game” in action.
(Value $197)
  •  42 powerful drill videos that can be downloaded onto your device and taken to the court. It’s like having me right there with you while you practice (without the $300 per lesson price tag!)
  •   Practice counterintuitive drills to reprogram your serve… even if you’ve been playing for years and even if you think it's impossible to change your service motion
  •  Learn what “Hitting The Fence” and “Missing The Ball” have to do with crafting your new, explosive serve…
How-To Serve Progressions
(Value $197)
  • 85 videos reviewing serve fundamentals that might be silently sabotaging your serve
  •  Study “How To” progressions so that, no matter your skill level, you know where you are now… and how to get to where you want to be
  •  Learn the secrets of the toss so you can rely on it under pressure
  •  Discover how to easily get more spin, hit with more power, and more 
Shoulder Saver Package
  •  If you have a “bum shoulder”, worried about injuring an a weak shoulder, or just want to prevent future problems, a mobile shoulder will do wonders for your serve success
  •  The 27 page Shoulder Saver program will guide you to open up your shoulder, and decrease your risk of injury following this 6 week program
  •  Complete video exercise library -
  •  10 lessons on how to jump correctly on the serve
  •  A step-by-step photo manual - to strengthen and mobilize your core, chest, back.
Kick Serve Secrets & Slice Serve Secrets
  •  Make your opponents struggle with returning yours serve when you add more slice and kick to it whenever you want.
  •  Learn the slice and kick serve drills to develop these serves so you can use them on the big points.
  •  Strategies to disguise your serve and attack on the next shot so your opponents never know what's coming! 10 lessons on how to jump correctly on the serve
  • Updated and more in depth videos to master your slice and kick serve
Private Facebook Community with Video Analysis
  • You'll become part of the most passionate, committed collection of tennis players, coaches, and fans in the world.
  • You get the support you need from passionate players just like you.
  • You can post video of your serve for analysis in the group, getting valuable feedback on where you should focus your efforts. 
Here's What Students Are Saying About Jeff's Serve Training
So, Just Join The Tennis Serve Masterclass
Here’s What You Get When You
Join The Tennis Serve Masterclass:
  •  The Salzy Serve Method
  •  The “Big Ideas”
  •  102 Technique Lessons
  •  Slow Motion Breakdowns
  •  42 Drills
  •  How-To Serve Progressions 
  •  Shoulder Saver Package
  •  Kick Serve Secrets
  •  Slice Serve Secrets
  •  Private Facebook Community
The Tennis Serve Masterclass is the only comprehensive serve ‘blueprint’ giving you everything you’ll ever need to continually take your serve to the next level…

And finally see “The Invisible Game” the pros are using when they serve.
Discover "The Invisible Game"...
Get The Tennis Serve Masterclass
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100% Money Back Guarantee
I've packed a lot into the masterclass, and I want to make sure you have plenty of time to digest and integrate the concepts, techniques and drills into your game, and make sure this world-class coaching is really working for you.

Try the entire Masterclass. If you don't love it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

It’s a simple, no nonsense guarantee: join the masterclass and try it for yourself. If the powerful strategies, techniques, concepts and drills don't help improve your serve in 60 days, I want you to email me and I'll give you all your money back.
Try The Tennis Serve Masterclass for a full 60-days, 100% risk-free
Discover “The Invisible Game” The Pros Are Using That…
Builds Your Serve Into A Powerful Weapon 
By Simplifying Your Service Motion…
And Effortlessly Add Up To 15 MPH To Your Serve
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